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Greetings, one and all! sGs now lives again!! sGs is now an acoustic duo, with Neil Kirby on dumbek and myself on 6 and 12 string guitars. Our next concert will be Thursday night, October 8th, at Otto's Shrunken Head in Manhattan, at 7:00 PM. They are located on 14th Street near Avenue B. Come on down; I have a few surprises in store for you.


The primary focus of this website is to bring music to the public that might not hear it otherwise. These artists are not fortunate enough to have the backing of record labels or large corporations, in part because they do not create music that corporations would find "commercially appealing". In most cases, the artists portrayed here have been actively performing and recording for twenty years or better, without the benefits of the money men.

I am pleased to announce that my new solo CD, titled AARDVARK, will be released some time in late March. There will be a few old favorites, sprinkled with some new stuff that many outside of NYC have not yet heard. The CD will be available through CD Baby, and of course, from this website. Stay tuned for further details.

I am pleased to announce that we will soon have material available from the Hospital Records catalog. For those not in the know, Hospital Records was the company that brought forth recordings from 11,000 Switches, Manwich, CoIntelPro, and various other groups in Cincinnati and the surrounding area during the period 1978-1993 (roughly). At last, material from these and other groups under the Hospital Records umbrella will be available, starting with a compilation CD in January, with other releases to follow. Please visit often, to keep up with all the details.

We Have CDs For Sale!!!

That's right, folks! We have finally stepped into the realm of e-commerce. From this site, it is now possible to purchase our artists' CDs. This is done through CDBaby.com, and they have been kind enough to allow us to link up with them. If you are interested in purchasing any of our artists' CDs, just got to the link above that reads "CDs For Sale". There, you will be able to see the CD cover art and the song titles. In addition, some of the songs will have audio clips available. Of course, if you want the full songs, you will have to buy the CDs. We have to eat, too you know. We hope you enjoy the selections.

Song Of The Month

Each month, as material warrants, we will be placing emphasis on a song that we feel deserves special attention. Be advised that recording quality might be less than CD quality, as some of these submissions arrive via cassette tape, or are garage recordings with poor mixes. We place importance on the song itself, rather than the quality (or lack thereof) of it's recording. Of course, we try to "clean them up" as best we can. So please, enjoy this month's selection.

This month's selection is: Christopher Lewis -Walk In The Rain

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