This group of musicians was initially brought together as a college group in 1984-5, when it was suggested that they do so by friends at the University of Cincinnati. Beginning as a cover band, three of the original five musicians decided to take the group in a different direction, leaning toward more complicated music with a decidedly different message. Before long, they were playing all over the Midwest. Uncle Dave Lewis joined the original cast of three in 1989, and lent his influence into the mix. The result yielded the album Led To The Slaughter.

The core group of musicians remained together for eight years, spawning another EP and playing anywhere that would have them. The mix was unusual; Larry Ehrenberg was a seasoned guitarist with progressive leanings, Lou Chicchon was a power drummer in the style of Keith Moon, and Christopher Lewis was a punk veteran from 11,000 Switches. Together, they created music that was unique, powerful, and at times highly inflammatory. The addition of Uncle Dave catalyzed the entire mix, as well as adding an eclectic element to the project.

Although the group no longer exists, the musicians do still get together from time to time in Cincinnati, usually in a party setting. Larry Ehrenberg is playing lead guitar for Go To Hell in Cincinnati. Lou Chicchon is playing with two bands in Cincinnati, one of which is the surf punk group The Wankers. Dave Lewis and the Lookout Boys are playing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Chris Lewis (myself) is doing both jazz and rock jams in New York City.

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