Last Update: October 4th, 2009

Greetings, one and all. Here's hoping everyone is well and safe.

sGs has now become an acoustic duo! I originally did stuff like this back in the 80s, but it now appears that the time has come to do it once again. Neil Kirby and I will be playing at Otto's Shrunken Head, located on 14th Street near Avenue B in Manhattan. Showtime is 7:00 PM, Thursday, October 8th. We will also be playing at Otto's on November 19th, from 11:30 to 12:15. As is customary with Otto's, there is no cover charge. Neil and I will be mixing covers with originals, so there should be something there for everyone. I urge you to attend, and I will do my best to entertain you.

Uncle Dave Lewis has been very busy lately, doing appearances when possible and caring for his family. The show we did together in Cincinnati last fall was a great deal of fun, and was well received. My info has it that the show was videotaped, and Dave is trying to get that tape into useable form at this time. When I hear more, I'll let everyone know.

The Shake-It Records re-release of the earliest Hospital Records vinyl issues has indeed occurred, and I can say personally that it is worth the price tag. Bands on the compilation include 11,000 Switches, BPA, Qi-zz, Lopez Sophisticates, and others. I got my copy while I was in town, and I'm busy wearing it out as we speak. Pick up your copy at Shake It Records in Northside, Cincinnati.

sGs (Steam Gauge Stomp) has a MySpace page. We haven't got much up there yet, but we are working on it. The page can be found by clicking here.

Uncle Dave also just got a listing at classical in Holland. It contains a shortened work list, bio and some other nice features. Now Uncle Dave is finally recognized by somebody other than himself as a "classical composer" !

After much trepidation, it appears that some material from TRAILER 8 will be appearing on this site. I worked with these guys back in the mid 90's, and they could certainly light up the beach clubs. My understanding is that they are still at it, though I haven't heard from any of them in years. Nevertheless, this is material recorded in February of 97. It will be available shortly.

I will also be posting some material from my association with THE FEDS. This group existed for only four months. During that time, we tore up clubs all over the Manhattan and Redondo Beach areas, as well as some outdoor appearances. This band was truly powerful, and created an energy that was unmatched in my experience. Because of copyright restrictions, I am only able to vpost my songs and some cover tunes that we polished, but it is nevertheless an experience worth having. When these selections are available, I will have them for you.

Again, Greetings to all, and be safe.

Chris Lewis

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