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Vital Statistics

Age: Oh, please.

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major Influences

Charles Mingus, Tony Levin, John Paul Jones


Led To The Slaughter--DUH? (1989)

Rude Awakening EP--Rude Awakening (1992)

Live 95--The Feds (1995)

Trailer 8 EP--Trailer 8 (1997)

Detour--Detour (2000)

Detour--Detour II (2004)

And So It Goes Like This....

Between church and school, Lewis had managed to rack up some years of performance before studying cello and bass. Bass would be the instrument that impressed him the most, and it continues to this day.

He began playing electric basses and guitars in his early teens, and he started working with bands during high school. His first full band effort was as a member of the 11,000 Switches, a band with which he would spend five years. During that time, he would also play with the Fastbats, Talented Rejects, and Lopez Sophisticates.

In 1985, Lewis joined a group called Blaze, and this group would end up lasting eight years, under a variety of names. Between this work and the Switches work, he also had the pleasure of the occaisional jam with the old blues masters, such as Pigmeat Jarret, H-Bomb Ferguson, Crazy Pete and the Blues All Stars, and Richie and the Students. Under the name DUH?, he and his bandmates recorded the album, "Led To The Slaughter".

In 1993, he moved to Los Angeles, where he spent the next year and a half honing his skills on a new instrument, namely the 5-string bass. In 1995, he joined The Feds, and they proceeded to tear up the beach communities for that summer. This effort spawned "Live 1995". A year later, Trailer 8 formed, and they tore up the beaches for another two years with that lineup. After a year with Stiff Richard in San Diego, he moved to New York.

Lewis joined Detour in February of 1998. The band released their first CD in 2000, and played shows in an around the NYC area. A second CD was recorded between 2002 and 2004, but has yet to see release. Detour disbanded in September of 2005.

In addition to DETOUR, Lewis has been dabbling in jam sessions with jazz and rock musicians. While there are no plans to record any of these sessions, they are nevertheless inspiring. Currently, plans are in the works for a solo CD. The CD will contain both new material and older tracks that have not yet been recorded in the studio.


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