Vital Statistics

Age: Too old.

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major Influences

Lou Reed, Spike Jones, John Cage,Lou Harrison, Throbbing Gristle, Charles Ives, Thelonius Monk, and New York No Wave.

And So It Goes Like This...

Uncle Dave Lewis has a long and illustrious (if not notorious) history in music. A composer since the age of nine, Lewis has had a knack over the years of creating music that no one else would have thought of, at that time or now. A multi-instrumentalist, Lewis’ talent for composition, lyrics, and unusual delivery are well-known from the Midwest to the West Coast, but he is particularly renowned in his hometown of Cincinnati where his work was vital to the emergence of a thriving underground music scene.

The litany of groups with which Lewis has been associated is very long and diverse: From 1980 to 1991 the groups he worked with included QI-ZZ, 11, 000 Switches, Cointelpro, Lopez Sophisticates, Saint Dymphna, Manwitch and Rakehell. As the figurehead behind Cincinnati’s Hospital Records label he also assisted in producing the records made by BPA and, outside that purview, helped to produce the first Matador album by popular New York-based group Unsane in 1991. With Dan Williams, Lewis co-founded the Art Damage radio program in 1985 which continues to this day on WAIF-FM in Cincinnati and now serves as part of the Art Damage Foundation in that city. His main musical connection to the jaded scorpion is as a member of the group Dolt!, resulting in the album “Led to the Slaughter.” For a time he settled in California, founded the group Black Mystery Handshake and worked as a classical music buyer for the Tower Records and Virgin Megastore chains.

Lewis currently lives in Michigan with his wife and daughter where he makes his living as a writer and journalist. He continues to compose, perform, and he has a bi-weekly radio program which may be heard live at 6am every other Thursday morning on WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor, or “not live” at his radio blog at

Uncle Dave Lewis' CD Discography

Updated June 7th, 2010

Auto Glamour Sound: A Hospital Records Compilation. Shake It Records CD Shake 548. Released: October 2005.

This release contains practically all of the vinyl releases that appeared on the Hospital Records label between 1980 and 1982, plus a couple of items intended for release during that time which were not issued. Includes tracks by Qi-ZZ, 11,000 Switches, Cointelpro, Dementia Precox, Teddy & the Frat Girls, Lopez Sophisticates, BPA and Spiritual Californians.

BPA: Maybe Use My Knife. Shake It Records CD Shake 547. Released: October 2005.

This is a condensation of BPA issued and unissued recordings co-produced by Uncle Dave Lewis between 1982 and 1987, plus some added material from 1990 co-produced by John Curley of the Afghan Whigs. Excellent Southern Ohio underground music, with its own special slant and style.

Art Damage - Vol. 1: What Cincinnati Makes You Sound Like. Tokyo Rose Records TROSE-CXVI. Released: October 2007

A compilation CD of numerous artists associated with the Art Damage Program, including Uncle Dave Lewis’ piece “Die for Bob.”

Art Damage - Vol. 2: Death & Horror: What Cincinnati Makes You Scream Like. Tokyo Rose Records TROSE-CXIX. Released October 2009

This compilation was produced by Uncle Dave Lewis and contains a remarkable selection of “traditional” Art Damage pieces in the “death and horror” genre, many of which were heard on the program in its early days. Includes pieces by Infantile Analysis, Good Cue Sign, Lopez Sophisticates, Contraption #37, 11000 Switches, CAF Gallahad, Iovae, The Master of Horror & Saint Dymphna.

N.N.B.B.M. V8. Number 8 in a series of compilations dedicated to DEVO, The DE-Evolutionary Band. Released at DEVOtional 2009, HARDCORE DEVOTIONAL (info at ) , August 29, 2009, The Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies, and believed already out of print. Includes Qi-ZZ’s cover of Devo’s song “St. Louis.”

Dolt! – Led To the Slaughter. Classic 1990 avant-garde meets metal meets epatér le bourgeois classic rock mayhem, available via this website. For full details, see http://www.jadedscorpion/cdforsale.html

Unsane. Revolutionary 1991 N.Y. Noise Rock LP was co-produced -- minus the first three tracks which were co-produced by J.G. Thirlwell – by Uncle Dave Lewis, without credit. The in-print status of this Matador release is unclear, however Uncle Dave is very proud to have had anything to do with this awesome album.

Unsane’s Official Relapse Records Band Page – Check out more of their music!

Projected releases: The long delayed release of Saint Dymphna’s “Come not, Lucifer” is in the works for later in 2010, and there is discussion of a possible Qi-ZZ retrospective release.

Uncle Dave has also written the liner notes to these albums:

Skyscrapers-Symphonic Jazz

Leroy Anderson – Blue Tango

Jenny Lin – Insomnimania

And naturally, Auto Glamour Sound which is listed above.

Uncle Dave’s Radio Podcast

Uncle Dave’s Myspace Page

Uncle Dave’s Reverbnation Page

11,000 Switches video (1987) at

Three 11,000 Switches Pieces at

Rakehell video (1990) at or direct YouTube link at

Uncle Dave Lewis' Hospital Records Catalog

Naturally, all but the last of these products are inactive, and no, I don’t have any of these to sell. Quite frankly I could not afford to buy them on eBay if I wanted to. The old list that ran in this spot was a little too detailed, containing projects that were never fully realized, which I have now removed. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” However it is valuable even to me to have this resource on the web, so this condensed version will still remain; much of the music through HDO 9 is included on the Auto Glamour Sound Shake It compilation above; most of HDO 8 and 12 are on the BPA album, ditto. The expanded discography for related projects will hopefully return in a modified form at a later time. Thanks for your patience! – Uncle Dave Lewis

HCO 1a. Dementia Precox - The Not-So-Hidden Persuaders. 60 minute cassette, released 9/1980.
HCO 1b. Led Pencil - Ignerance In Action. 60 minute cassette, released 9/1980.
HCO 2a. Quality/Not Quantity. Hospital Records compilation, 60 minute cassette, released 9/1980.
HC/DM 2b. A Tape for You. Hospital Records compilation, 90 minute cassette, released 2/1981.
HD0 3. Qi-ZZ - New Baby/2-Dimensional Love Affair. 45 rpm single, released 12/1980.
HDO 4. Dementia Precox - Dead On Two Legs (Luncheonette)/Mines. 45 rpm single, released 4/1981.
HDO 5. Teddy & the Frat Girls - Audio Suicide EP. 45 rpm single, released 5/1981.
HCO 6. Led Pencil. Pencil Shavings, 60 minute cassette, released 6/1981.
HD/EP 7. Auto Glamour Sound. Hospital Records Compilation, double 7” 33 rpm, released 7/1982.
HCO 7b. The Coming Shapes of Things. Hospital Records Compilation, 60 minute cassette, released 8/1981.
HDO 8. BPA - By-Products of America. 12” 45 rpm EP, released 2/1983.
HDO 9. Qi-ZZ - Beach Music/John Lennon. 45 rpm single, released 3/1984.
HDO 12. BPA - Moving and Storage. Full-length LP, released 3/1985.
HDO 13. Human Zoo. Full-length LP, released 12/1987.
HCO 14. Manwitch - It. 60 minute cassette. Released 1/1988.
HCO 15. The Master of Horror - Music's Leading Man. 60 minute cassette. Released 10/1988.
HCDO 24. Wolverton Brothers – A Better Place. Full-length CD, issued 5/2004. Hey! This one’s still available at

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